Finland To Apply to Join NATO "Without Dela

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Finland’s leaders agree to apply to join NATO “without delay.”
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Finland’s leaders have officially announced they support applying for NATO membership “without delay.”

Asked if Putin would view the move as provocative, Finland’s president said yesterday: “My response would be that you caused this. Look at the mirror.”…

The big picture: Public support for NATO membership in Finland and Sweden shot up virtually overnight after Russia invaded Ukraine, with a strong majority in both countries now in favor of joining.

  • Both countries have been close NATO partners for three decades, despite their official non-alignment.

  • But the West’s refusal to send boots on the ground to defend Ukraine has underscored the difference that NATO’s Article V commitment to collective defense — often hailed as “iron-clad” by President Biden — can make in a crisis.

  • “If Ukraine had been part of NATO before the war, there would have been no war,” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said in a speech Wednesday.