Fixing a service or market a new one

I have just finished watching Motley Fool new plug for yet another service Game Plan 2023 . Instead of fessing up and saying that recommended over and over again Overvalued stocks at ridiculous prices they are in denial and create another service. Motley Fool seems to be very good at marketing and nothing else.


Most of us just stick with Stock Advisor and Rule Breakers for investment advice. The more premium content has never been that great in my view. Most of them they have ran for awhile, changed advisors, then shut them down. Although the options product is very good.



Just to follow up on what Andy just wrote, I was a TMFer for quite a few years and had access to everything at the Fool.

With FEW exceptions, most everything in all these special services are PRIMARILY recommending companies found at Stock Advisor and Rule Breakers. There are usually a FEW extra companies unique to the other services… but if they are worth owning, then they quickly gain visibility on various discussion boards around the Fool that are NOT in expensive services.

AND… with that… there is no reason to get uptight about being a little “late” to the game with any of those recommendations. I bought into Amazon more than a decade “late” (after the initial Fool recommendation) and I still made 10X my investment.

So, IMO, there is little value in concerning oneself with any of the added services (beyond SA… and maybe RB). You can get rich with these cheaper services and the discussion boards are where the REAL INSIGHT is derived. How is that? Look at any Fool rec… very shallow thinking, partially because they confine themselves to keeping it short. The boards are where interested investors really dig in and figure out whether a company is The Real McCoy… or just another Fool Flavor Of The Month.

Sounds like a brutal assessment, but that’s my view on the subject.

He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.