FKA Dollar Tree

The stock price is breaking down… The company took $2.5 B write-down during the last quarter, primarily the write-down is related to Family Dollar. Looks like it is heading to $100. I stopped following this name. So no real idea why the price is rbeaking down…


Dollar Tree and Family Dollar were Mungofitch favored picks. I checked the other forum, and no recent comments from Mungofitch. There was a brief Dollar Tree thread in March 2024 - again, no Mungo.

I shop @ Dollar Tree occasionally. I should care about Dollar Tree.

The earnings are on June 5th and we will get fresh performance data and commentary. Will wait till then.

The turnarounds take time… Looks like this is going to be dead money for few more quarters. I am going to sell a $80 Put, if it gets there then I will start looking into this name.

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