FL insurance reprise

“This is a man-made crisis” per the article.

Quelle surprise.

If it’s not ink, it’s insurance. Gotta pay the man.


The article is a mudpie of reportage:

"The insurance industry pushed for and won a number of reforms meant to curb what it saw as abuse, but so far it hasn’t changed the outlook for insurers, partly because of a flood of nearly 300,000 lawsuits the Insurance Information Institute said was filed just before the law took effect.

“That will muddy the marketplace for years to come,” said Friedlander. “That volume of lawsuits will drive more of these regional companies out of business. The laws have changed. The market conditions have not changed. It’s still a mess.”

The outlook for real estate in Florida is grim because if waters rise anything like what is now reasonably predicted on top of what has already happened (goodbye Key West!), flood insurance will inevitably exist only as a racket of scam artists whether they are politicos or insurance salesmen.

Same for housing in the drying out forests of my beloved California and other similar locations, now including Canada.

Get the hell out of all.

david fb