FL: Is Crist's Idea Any Better Than DeSantis

I got to hand it to WFLA Channel 8, these guys are doing bang up work on following the trainwreck surround Insurance policies in Florida. Now if you read that last story I just posted about Citizens being “The Reinsurer of Last Resort” Charlie Crist (former Republican Governor running for Governor again this time as a Democrat) has suggested if 17 or more Insurers lose their ratings forcing hundreds of thousands of policy holders to find new insurance, that they should immediately swept into Citizens policies for 12-months, expanding the roll of Citizens as “The Insurer of Last Resort” dramatically.

So what Crist is proposing is that we expand the roll of government in the Government Sanctioned Enterprise known as Citizens and which the State Government continues to bail out to the tune of billions.

In one scenario, DeSantis wants to bail out private insurers, acting as the Reinsurer of Last Resort.

If the other scenario, Crist wants to bail out homeowners directly by automatically bringing them under the umbrella of The Insurer of Last Resort which can also be - and has already been - bailed out by the State Government

Crist slams DeSantis on property insurance crisis, says he’d fire insurance commissioner
by: Mahsa Saeidi

Posted: Jul 26, 2022 / 07:17 PM EDT

Updated: Jul 27, 2022 / 02:02 PM EDT


“We did it within a week, that session, and we were able to drop rates 10 percent,” Crist said. “If you have insurance companies that don’t want to serve the people, tell them to get out of here.”

Crist also said Florida’s Insurance Commissioner David Altmaier should be replaced. He added that if homeowners lose coverage, Citizens Property Insurance – the state-backed insurer that’s a last resort, should be forced to give them a policy at the same rate for 12 months.

Citizens is projected to hit 1.2 million policies by the end of the year. Crist said the company can afford to take on more policies because they’ve done it before.