Florida leads nation in auto insurance rate hikes at 88%

… the insurance industry is “right siding” Florida by showing folks what it actually costs to live there. Dysfunction is expensive.



My mom’s car insurance in Arizona, from an AARP endorsed Hartford plan, was, by my measure, exorbitant. I asked Hartford about that, as I cancelled the insurance. The agent said it was because of all the old phartz in Arizona, that should have retired from driving.

What the other states will find, is probably the same thing Michigan experienced, when it had the highest insurance rates in the country: a soaring percentage of people opting to drive without insurance. There is always an insurance store near every Secretary of State office, so people can buy coverage, go the SoS office, get their registration, then cancel the insurance, run nekked, and hope they don’t get caught.

,and Michigan has another “marginal risk of severe weather” (5% probability) for tomorrow, so the media is in it’s usual “severe weather” hysteria mode today.


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Hey Steve. I made mention of this tactic being used in Texas and my note got removed from one of the Fools Categories or whatever you call them.

Just wanted to warn you that the Fool Gustofo (sp) may be lurking.

Good luck.

I’m a big boy. Not intimidated by thought of a post being removed because it told the truth.

## Uninsured Driver Rates By State Range from 3% to 29%

According to the most recent data available, Mississippi had the highest rate of uninsured drivers. The states with the 10 highest percentages of uninsured drivers are:

1. Mississippi: 29.4%
2. Michigan: 25.5%
3. Tennessee: 23.7%
4. New Mexico: 21.8%
5. Washington: 21.7%
6. Florida: 20.4%

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Having your own uninsured/under-insured auto coverage looks like a reasonable purchase after all.

I package my insurance with USAA. My renewal is October. There are moving parts but it looks like my insurance may have come down a few bucks per month.

Highly recommend USAA. Dad was in the Navy.