Folly in Hawaii

Hawaii has its issues, but folly is not a Hawaiian shortcoming on a national scale just yet. The state steers clear of much of the sturm and drang that drags on in the mainland.

The biggest protest in recent history was against using sacred Mauna Loa land for telescopes. The protestors camped out for months at the top of Saddle Road that connects East Hawaii to the western side. It was long-lived, peaceful and made its point. The telescopes are still there but we know how the native Hawaiians hate it and appreciate their point of view.

Nobody is shooting up schools, writing emergency legislation to suppress the vote or making noises that abortion rights are on the chopping block in 2022 and 2024. The state remains fiercely liberal and the two Democratic senators will likely run and be re-elected without drama. Voting is a right here and everyone gets a ballot in the mail and can vote by mail without worries about challenges from the opposition.

No folly at present. Plenty of folly elsewhere to get to. Next stop Texas

Been to Georgia and will likely need to circle back; great quantities of folly to cover. Kemp and Raffensperger both won their primaries, dealing body blows to the GOP leader trump. Neither is known for a liberal bent; they were far better than the alternatives.Voters found their way to the polls in spite of newly revised voting laws.