folly n Texas TNC

TNC is “too numerous to count” if you are looking for coliforms in the water supply. Coliforms are contaminants --bacteria. Bacteria like E coli (found in excrement) and other intestinal bacteria are known as fecal coliforms and that is a perfect description of Texas’s place in America’s drinking water. They are a contaminant and full of folly making Texas a dismal place to live in 2022.

Mass shootings? Texas has them almost weekly lately.

Revocation of personal freedoms? Welcome to a woman’s worst nightmare.It’s a Handmaid’s Tale.

Vigilante justice and turn in your neighbor?We have it in Texas.You get $10K and your target can get up to life in prison.

Revocation of voting rights? Texas lawmakers approved the bill, which imposes new criminal penalties for violating voting laws, bans 24-hour and drive-through voting and allows more access for partisan poll watchers. Abbott at the time argued that the legislation would “solidify trust and confidence in the outcome of our elections by making it easier to vote and harder to cheat.”…

Gun laws that avoid actual “gun control” and focus on hardening schools and mental health? Texas governor Abbott is on top of it:…

Amid a spate of mass shootings in recent years, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) responded by focusing on promoting mental health services and convening a task force that produced a 40-point plan centered on “hardening” school campuses and identifying threats.

A statewide anti-transgender bill?…

[This bill is the]first piece of anti-trans legislation in Texas to actually become law in recent years. The state’s effort to restrict trans Texans’ bathroom usage failed to reach the governor’s desk in 2017 after a similarly intense special session. Texas is now the ninth state this year to pass legislation restricting how trans athletes can join school sports.

LGBTQ+ advocates are worried about the direct aftermath of the bill, which could subject trans students in interscholastic sports to scrutiny and harassment, as well as the potential for similar bills targeting trans youth to become law in Texas if another special session is called.

Texas and Abbott are in a race to the bottom with Florida and DeSantis. Americans who want less government dictating their personal choices and would like to keep their Constitutional rights are the losers.

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