Food on the cheap

So it exists because the publishers allow it to exist?

I give up. How’d you do that? Invisible inK?

So what did you make and how did it go?

with a great recipe for this but obviously too late

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A couple of weeks ago we needed a quick and easy meal after a long day. We stopped at the grocery on the way home and picked up a rotisserie chicken. We had salad fixings and some good bread at home. We had the legs, thighs and wings. Later I took the bones from dinner, along with all the other bones and skin and made a stock with it. Tonight we used the stock and one of the breasts in a soup. Later we will use the other breast in another dinner. I think the grocery store rotisserie chicken is one of the best food on the cheap meals around.


Costco rotisserie chickens are the best, plump and juicy. Unfortunately Mrs. Goofy only allows us to have human/organic chicken and Costo’s isn’t. In fact they have been criticized for over-plumping their birds to the point where they are too fat to walk, so there’s that.

That said, they’re a loss leader, and really delicious and really cheap. $5.99, I think.

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We generally pick up a Costco rotator bird any time we do a Costco run, I snag the legs, thighs for an instant lunch, then DW breaks the rest down, and it’s used in whatever comes along, bean soups, etc… Easy n tasty, DW losed the skin, so just the meat gets tossed in the freezer… Yummy lunch!

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On butter.

We like to mix it 50-50 with our favorite oil, put it in a crock and refrigerate. It stays soft that way.

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I always have a bar out in a covered butter dish. In the winter it is pretty hard, but one minute in the microwave at 10% makes it somewhat spreadable. Somewhat means it won’t spread thinly, but I’m not the type to spread butter thinly. A bar straight from the refrigerator is kind of usable after 2 minutes at 10%, with the softest spots about an inch in from either end*.

In the refrigerator there is always the open pound (1-4 bars) and the next pound. Generally there are two to six pounds in the freezer. (Costco butter comes in four pound packages and I don’t let that supply get low.)

I have two old, scratched, chipped glass butter dishes I rely on. I also have a small collection of new glass butter dishes that are just about useless. Too small, not flat… really poor designs. Why glass? The ceramic ones I had would heat up in the microwave oven. The very functional old Tupperware plastic ones were poor choices for the microwave too, as they had no lip to keep a bit of melted butter from running over.

*(All these are east-coast long and skinny bars. I have no experience with west coast bars, which would probably react differently).