Food on the cheap


Thanks for sharing, PucksFool. That’s a fun read!!

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I need help with a contest.

I will be dropped off at the supermarket with only 10 dollars. I need to prepare a meal for 4. I will have 30 minutes in the kitchen. I will be judged on taste and creativity. I am competing against my brother and sister.

Can you help a Fool out?

Instant rice, with a pound of chicken thighs, and curry packets? lol?


There are 188 cheap-eats recipes here that might help.

I’d avoid meat, and go with grain and pulse, ie, beans and rice. Add an onion and some garlic, and small bags of your favorite curry spices with what’s left. I’d also go to an Aldis or a Latino grocery for these items.

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mutwa gave excellent advice. If you’re on a budget, money & time, meat won’t do. Spam might have a place but I haven’t priced Spam in 35 years.

HINT: Almost any kind of gravy makes things taste better. And it’s cheap at the store if you get the packets. Boullion cubes or that similar soup flavoring stuff can also be integrated. It’s like the chefs at the food company already made it tasty so the local cook is less burdened

Do you have to buy everything you are going to use: cooking oil, salt, pepper, herbs & spices, vinegar, etc?

Buy some large cans of soup and a loaf of bread.

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I’d go with spaghetti and sauce in a jar. Maybe with a salad and garlic bread.

A 1-lb box of spaghetti can usually be bought for under $1 and will feed four. Aldi’s spaghetti sauce goes for $1.50 these days (up from $1). Salad greens and garlic bread are well within your budget. And maybe some change left over for extras like meatballs or a vegetable.

My son puts a potpourri of basic stuff in a slow cooker on low, and goes to work. Eats from that over several days.

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Nah. The basics are in the kitchen already.