The Sneak Peek: Fool Portfolios

For those who may not have yet received the email notice:

The gist of it:

10 + stock recommendations each month

WEEKI TUESDAY • Firecrackers & Digital Explorers
THURSDAY • Stock Advisor & Hidden Gems
WEEK2 TUESDAY • Trends & Global Partners
THURSDAY • Dividend Investor & Value Hunters
WEEK 3 THURSDAY • Stock Advisor & Rule Breakers
WEEK THURSDAY • Stock Rankings

  • Access to 35 real-money portfolios, currently backed by more than $30 million of The Motley Fool’s own capital

  • Full access to a suite of real-money portfolios managed by Tom Gardner — from the Everlasting Portfolio (which contains the only publicly traded stocks he personally owns) to our proprietary AI Playbook portfolio

  • Monthly “best of” rankings across 10 distinct investing strategies — including small-cap and microcap, digital assets and crypto, growth, value, dividends, international, and more

  • Specialized microcap recommendations with Firecrackers and digital asset and crypto recommendations with Digital Explorers

  • Our new Trends scorecard, which combines several timely investing trends (including 5G, biotech, fintech, augmented and virtual reality, energy, and many more) in one powerful scorecard with ongoing monthly recommendations, stock rankings, and fresh coverage and research

  • Value Hunters (value stocks), Global Partners (international stocks), and Options (options strategies) for even more diversification

  • Special access to the “Vault” — comprising 16 locked Motley Fool scorecards that have completed their investing journeys and are now exclusively available in this archive

KEY Features:

    The most powerful tool we’ve ever created for researching companies. Fool IQ+ offers a snapshot of each company and its financial highlights, quant projections on a stock’s estimated risk and returns, comprehensive access to historical financial statements, advanced charting, and more.

Note 1) Great to have a tool to research companies but - to be honest, isn’t that why we pay The Fool?

    Cautious, Moderate, and Aggressive model portfolios designed to match any risk tolerance, using stocks, ETFs, and cash management.

Note 2) Saul has this covered

    from each investing style as well as across Fool Portfolios.

Note 3) Same Ole Same Ole

    (coming soon!) is your source of financial planning content and tools, featuring our top ETFs as well as tools and resources to support portfolio management and more.

Note 4) Could be useful.

    to coverage, programming, and Analyst Insights from our Fool Portfolios team of advisors and analysts — including Epic Opportunities , a members-only podcast.

Note 5). Well… if someone ponies up the premium bucks then they shouldn’t be all that surprised to get premium access.

    a proprietary rating designed to communicate our conviction in an investment’s ability to outperform the market over the next five years, available across stocks recommended within Fool Portfolios .

Note 6) Ho hum

    an indicator used by some Foolish investors (including Tom Gardner) to gauge investor sentiment and help inform cash management decisions.

Note 7) Investor sentiment is self explicatory via share price and movement. I have the All-Too-Lovely, the bank, and and accountant for cash management decisions

    an interactive tool showing the probability that a portfolio would have made money over different time periods while holding a given number of stocks, based on the historical performance of random Motley Fool stock picks.

Note 8) I put Selma Hayek in the darn thing and nothing happened.

    of stock recommendations and rankings, coverage and analysis, and AI-driven scores and research.

Note 9). Way too much sugar for a dime.

I am not sure what to think about all this but the comments by folks that received the email have been brutal. Someone needs to perhaps reach out to The Fool and run over the old KISS system. Or something like that.

The Rest of The Story:

Service Transition Specifics:

As you can imagine, this upgrade and product suite transformation involves a lot of moving parts — so if you’re curious about how specific Motley Fool services will be expressed in Fool Portfolios, read on.

As part of this upgrade, the rich track records and ongoing research from the investing brands listed below will live on within the upgraded Fool Portfolios experience. In addition to Stock Advisor, you will gain access to investing brands only available as a group within the Fool Portfolios membership — they will no longer be offered for individual memberships:

Dividend Investor
Everlasting: 10X
Everlasting Portfolio
Everlasting Stocks (now Hidden Gems)
Global Partners
Hidden Gems 2023
IPO Trailblazers
Ownership Portfolio
Partnership Portfolio
Rising Stars 2020
Rising Stars 2021
Rising Stars 2022
Real Estate Winners
Rule Breakers
Value Hunters

So - you can no longer just subscribe to Rule Breakers?


As part of this upgrade, the services listed below will be combined into our new Trends scorecard in Fool Portfolios. Trends is designed to combine timely investing trends (including 5G, biotech, fintech, augmented and virtual reality, energy, and many more) in one powerful scorecard — featuring ongoing monthly recommendations, stock rankings, and fresh coverage and research. Put differently … instead of just one trend, you get all of them!

Artificial Intelligence
Augmented Reality
Next-Gen Supercycle
Biotech Breakthroughs 2023
Blast Off
Energy Insiders 2.0
Fintech Fortunes
Interconnected Opportunities
Virtual Revolution
Future of Entertainment

And More:

As part of this upgrade, we’re bringing all of the content and investing IP from the bundles listed below into your new, upgraded Fool Portfolios experience. Consequently, these bundles will no longer be offered — because we believe they serve members better as a group and paired with the additional benefits in your new Fool Portfolios membership. As a result — instead of just two portfolios, you’re getting a whole lot more as part of your new Fool Portfolios membership!

AI + Boss Bundle
Augmented Reality + Artificial Intelligence Bundle
Boss Mode
Digital Explorers + Augmented Reality Bundle
Fintech Fortunes + Artificial Intelligence Bundle
Hidden Gems 2023 + Everlasting Portfolio Bundle
Market Pass + Backstage
Market Pass + Firecrackers Bundle
Market Pass + Next-Gen Supercycle Bundle
Market Pass + Interconnected Opportunities Bundle
Market Pass + Platinum Bundle
Market Pass + Virtual Revolution Bundle
Market Pass + Value Hunters Bundle
Market Pass + Artificial Intelligence Bundle

All the Best,


Sounds…overwhelming. But hey with all of that “stuff” I can bet they find at least one good stock.



I never would have imagined that the Fool would spend so many years flailing around with gimmicks instead of maintaining their prior focus. I just scanned the stuff you listed and thought “blah, blah, blah” in terms of the past offerings… and I didn’t pay enough attention to what their new direction might be. Why? I haven’t seen more than minimal useful content from the Fool for a long time… and re-packaging the poo isn’t going to make it smell better.

Look at this excerpt:

What do you want to bet there is 80%-90% overlap there? I know when I was wearing the TMF, I compared some of the services and the overlap was enormous. Just silly. And it seems to me to just be designed to separate money from rookie investors instead of helping them… which would help the Fool in the long run.

Just Stock Advisor for me. Maybe they’d be better off offering some of the old stuff. “Inside Value” had a happy following… and they discarded them. Maybe one or two other old time services would be good too.

He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.


Somehow - someway…The Fool just lost its way, easy dollars/profit manufactured on the back of its original soul banked by the trust of a large and growing customer base: Have success with a couple of core services? Why just create a bunch more, piggy backing writ large - as many as the customers would pay for. Undoubtedly the brothers have made book, a lot of book, on all - or at the very least, most of them. Until - overload, overlap and the creative marketing, well oiled, think-up-brand-new-services well went dry. All in all sad really: Say it ain’t so Tom?..David?

Now having said that - you have to give the Fool its due. It has helped a great many ordinary every day people become proficient and sometimes knowledgable investors. And perhaps all is not lost - perhaps we - as long time Fools and customers simply don’t know the whole story…the vision. Could well be - after all, we weren’t smart enough to create a Fool enterprise that was revolutionary and truly needed. They were. And even though it appears that the Fool is operating on only one engine with the loss of David - it hasn’t totally crash landed. However, on the off chance that, unless they are simply blinded by the desire to make more and more - they may yet turn what appears to be a huge mess… around. Moreover…in some way that visually and logically escapes me - perhaps the looming changes are the very beginning of righting the ship. Having said that - the overall Fool construction schematic I reviewed and posted is at its best an honest effort and at worst perhaps just setting the dumpster on fire.

Deep down - I fear that consolidating all the various fairly new subscription services under the Fool Portfolio umbrella simply frees up space for future subscription services yet to be named or revealed - which; at some later date in the not to awfully distant future, get conscripted into another self contained storage bin labelled something like: Fool Portfolios #2.

We’ll see I suppose, but I suspect that for now I’ll just take the next available exit ramp - step aside a bit (Maybe stick with Stock Advisor also and only) and take a wait and see approach. Maybe.

All the Best