For Hoihum etal: Shipping questions

Today, all my shipping stocks got clobbered. Now, that might have been a function of them all going ex-div at the same moment or it might have been some sort of sector shift (my “general” miners also took a hit). I’m wondering what sort of event could have caused this general rout.

The second observation is that, the last time fuel prices kept climbing to the sky, hedge funds got into the game of cantango, when they sequestered fuel aboard tankers for future sale. I have not heard of this taking place on the same scale this time around. Is it that my ears are full of wax or do these guys feel that there will be an inflection point in the price of fuel in the near future?

Part of this may imply a workout about Ukraine which allows Russia to retain the east/south of the country, yet lighten up on the effectiveness of the sanctions.


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