Navigating in a market gale

As some/many of y’all know, I like the shipping sector.

Through early last week, more than a few shipping stocks had been holding up quite well. While tech names have sold off sharply YTD, one shipping name, Golden Ocean (GOGL), was making a 52-week high (actually probably a multi-year high) on 6/6/22. GOGL was not alone. Fellow dry bulker Star Bulk (SBLK) was probably a few percentage points near its 52-week high, and I think, LNG shipper Flex LNG (FLNG) was also up near its 52-week highs. As I own all three names, I was happy.

Then abruptly, the winds changed. Initially, Tuesday (6/7), slow decline. But, remaining days of last week were quite rough.
GOGL went from $16.06 (6/6 close) to $13.39 (6/10 close)
SBLK went from $32.07 (6/6 close) to $26.96 (6/10 close)

Container shipping entity ZIM Integrated (ZIM) tear-down has been even more dramatic this past week.
6/7 was a positive day for ZIM. But over the next three days, ZIM share price plunged ~24%

With Q1 (usually weakest) and Q3 (usually strongest), dry bulk shipping is currently in shoulder season. This year, lots of uncertainty with grain shipments from Ukraine and Russia.

Through 6/10, only two of my shipping ideas were red.
Today 6/13, three more turned red :frowning:

Sitting on hands takes fortitude. Today (6/13), I closed out my Abbvie (ABBV) position. Oh!, I also bought more ZIM


Thanks Hohum


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