Forbes: New Battery Made From Common Elements Offers Four Days Of Power

A company soon to settle in West Virginia has developed a battery that offers four days of full discharge using some of the cheapest, most available elements on earth.

“They are now building and will soon deliver a next generation battery. It’s based on iron, water and oxygen. You couldn’t imagine a simpler supply chain,” said George Crabtree, a senior scientist at Argonne National Laboratory and leader of the national labs’ efforts to develop next-generation batteries. “It’s sort of universally available everywhere, and get this—it makes a battery that can discharge at full power for four days. Lithium-ion can discharge for four hours.”

Form Energy spun off in 2017 from the Joint Center for Energy Storage Research (JCESR), the government’s 5-year program (now in its tenth year) to build next-generation batteries for power and transportation.


When I read your post’s title my first thought went to earth, air, fire, water. It turns out I was not too far off.

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