Forrester Wave Q2 2019 iDaaS Evaluation

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  • OKTA-specific Excerpts [Report evaluates 9 other vendors, as well] *

"Key Takeaways: Okta And Idaptive Lead The Pack

Forrester’s research uncovered a market in which Okta and Idaptive are Leaders; OneLogin, Microsoft, Google, Ping Identity, and IBM are Strong Performers; Simeio Solutions and OpenText are Contenders; and Secret Double Octopus is a Challenger."

“Okta continues to expand to hybrid workloads. Until very recently, Okta has been a true IDaaS service, with minimal on-premises components. Accelerated by its 2017 IPO, Okta has been expanding its install customer base from SMBs to larger enterprises. Okta appears in many of Forrester’s clients’ RFPs. In the future, Forrester expects the vendor to: 1) enable hybrid IT environments; 2) lay a foundation for Zero Trust by removing trust from static credentials; and 3) offer adaptive and continuous authentication to respond to changing user risk levels even at and after authentication.”

“From its single console, the solution offers strong user directory integration, access management policy definition capabilities, good integrated Windows authentication, and single logout configuration support and offers a broad range of productized multifactor authenticators. Its end user access request management and review workflows are versatile. However, the vendor’s reporting and dashboarding portals are inflexible and show signs of aging compared with competitors. (see endnote 2) Compared with other vendors, step-up authentication templates are less broad and there is no way to easily customize sequence of authentication events. (see endnote 3) Its administrative role entitlement compositions are static and not changeable. (see endnote 4) Customers with minimal on-premises IAM skills using large numbers of SaaS apps should buy Okta.”