Four Losers From Samsung Galaxy S7 Teardown

I opened this Motley Fool article with great trepidation, knowing that Skyworks was going to be listed. I gulped. I clicked…And nothing about SWKS.…

Curiouser and curiouser.

The article only mentions the manufacturers that were replaced as InvenSense, Cirrus Logic, ST Micro, and TSMC.

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I called SWKS Investor Relations to get the real scoop, but was only able to leave a voicemail. If anyone else has tried contacting them in the past, were you able to get through or talk to someone? Not sure if they’ll be able to confirm or deny their presence in the S7, but we’ll see. I’ll let you know if they call me back.



To me I guess the only way Skyworks doesn’t take a hit on the S7 is that is has a sharp increase in indirect contribution via other component suppliers that have won the slots to make up for the direct slots it is losing. But seeing that many of the slots are Skyworks direct competitors it is hard to understand.