France 24 Reports on China EV Behemoth

China produces three quarters of the world’s car batteries, a huge advantage for carmakers who can drastically reduce their production costs and expand internationally. The Asian giant is now the world’s top exporter of cars, dethroning Japan.

6 minute video at the above link. A Zeekr factory only has 2000 workers in a 300 acre factory. Automation is king there. They are using AI to watch the quality of their production. It takes 1 minute to make an EV. Only 10% of the factory’s production is exported out of China. Chinese EV manufacturers could be receiving China governments subsidy but their factories are very efficient.
A news article a year ago indicated that a Shangai Tesla model Y took 2.5 hours to make.
Tesla Reduces Model Y Assembly Time to 2.5 Hours | Torque News.

Autonomous EVs have already appear on Chinese roads.
40% of EVs in China have self driving features.

China is in the forefront of EV manufacture. Difficult to hear by USian ears.

Years of under-investment in electric vehicle technologies and supply chains have left European carmakers struggling to keep up with their Chinese competitors.
Chinese automakers are investing hundreds of millions in setting up their very own European factories in Viktor Orban’s Hungary.

In the city of Debrecen in the south of Hungary, a lithium-ion battery plant worth €7.3 billion is being built over a 221-hectare stretch of former farmland in the Southern Industrial Park special economic zone. The factory – Hungary’s largest greenfield investment project ever – is being built by Chinese manufacturer CATL, which controls nearly two-fifths of the world’s electric vehicle (EV) battery market. Once production starts in 2025, the 100-GWh plant will be the biggest EV battery producer in Europe.

China’s growing investment in Hungary’s automotive industry has opened the country up to rival players who may one day drive Europe’s own carmakers out of business. Chinese EV manufacturer BYD announced late last year that it was building its first European plant in the southern city of Szeged – a €500-million investment that will sprawl across some 300 hectares. BYD, whose European managing director announced Thursday is considering building a second European factory in 2025, is the first major Chinese carmaker to have set up a European production base. The company has said it wants to be the leading EV manufacturer in Europe by 2030.

I fully expect by 2025 or late 2024, we will be reading about quality Chinese EVs now available in the EU.
The West may ease their bruised egos with stories of China government subsides but Chinese EVs appear to be equal in quality to EU & US brands and their manufacturing appears to be superior in speed.

And if global warming is an existential crisis; perhaps US tax rebates should be permanent to bring down the cost of US made EVs rather than implementing higher tariffs to keep cheaper EVs out of the country?

Allow competition to drive the transformation of the US vehicle fleet faster to “save” the planet. hm?


That isn’t correct.

Gigafactory Shanghai:

It’s down to 40 seconds now.


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As your more recent article stated:
“It was reported last month that Tesla’s Model Y production has accelerated significantly at the Shanghai plant.”

It does appear though that Tesla US factory are slower than Tesla China factory.

Shanghai is Tesla’s most efficient production plant. It takes 76 seconds for Tesla’s Texas factory to roll off a car, while it takes only 37 seconds for the Shanghai factory.

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Do you think they came down from 2.5 hours per car to .45 seconds per car in a year? Maybe they made a mistake and meant 2.5 minutes, which still seems huge.


Are those numbers total labor per car (unbelievable), or how often one comes off the end of the line? In a USian big three plant, a new car rolls off the line, on average, about every 55 seconds.



I have no idea. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

That could be the time it takes for the car to be produced from start to finish.

2.5 hours is 9,000 seconds. At 45 seconds per car that would mean they have 200 cars on the assembly line. I don’t know if that sounds reasonable or not.

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I went back and viewed the video.
They claim that Zeekr “assembles one vehicle every minute.”

Whether it’s 45 seconds or one minute, it seem to be in line with the production rates for a Big 3 US automaker.


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This 1914 photo shows in-progress chassis on the line. The moving lines cut the Model T’s final assembly time in half, from 12 hours to six. Continual adjustments and refinements kept reducing final assembly time until nearly four more hours were saved.

The 2.5 hour statement MUST have been wrong.

The Ford assembly line was very labor intensive.

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It depends on where you start the clock. Do you start it when the body panels are first formed? Do you start it when the panels enter the body shop and are assembled? Do you start it when the assembled body enters the paint shop? Do you start the clock when the assembled and painted body enters the final assembly line?

Here is a video of the F-150 plant at the Rouge. They don’t give any elapsed time from start to finish tho.

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While we talk about production time to make a vehicle and food.
China nears its assault upon the EU EV market space to become the dominant competitor there in EVs and battery manufacturing. If successful; I imagine their eyes turn toward US markets.
Methinks the West has been much too complacent in EV product & technology development. A $25,000 EV, I believe, is the next product needed to bring in more EV buyers for a greater transformation of the world vehicle fleet.

While the West has the goal of keeping China EVs out; China’s battery manufacturer CATL has moved to dominate the world market.
Auto China 2024: CATL, Beijing Hyundai sign EV battery agreement

It is the world’s biggest battery maker, it powers electric vehicles for Tesla, Volkswagen and BMW, and its EV technology is miles ahead of US offerings, say experts

I wonder if such battery dominance could be used as a lever to punish Western governments plans to increase tariffs on Chinese EVs. Or was the Chinese strategic plan was to use Chinese EVs as a feint so Western EVs would miss the infiltration of China batteries into Western EV vehicles? Just as China has infiltrated US defense weapon systems with counterfeit electronics?
China fake parts 'used in US military equipment' - BBC News.
I do believe China has strategic economic plans as evidence by their rail system development & construction of large cities to draw the rural population into urban cities, past currency manipulation etc. Yes their plans are sometimes foiled or not done well but they are always moving forward.

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China Xi is visiting France, Serbia, n Hungary this week.

Tony, the China Update YouTuber, says Xi wants more trade with the EU, less dependence on the US/USD, and thinks using Hungary/ Orban, and his “anti”- EU/US sentiment is an attack point.

For me, China Update is a decent overview of what’s going on in China economics, politics, geopolitics, etc.

It seems obvious that China, Russia, PRNC, Iran, and a host of other “lesser” economies/L&Ss are chaffing under the yoke of US/EU/Western ideologies.

China and India have the “strength” to effect obstacles to US/EU/Western goals. Especially if they form strategic alliances.



That is going to happen.
The current administration has plans to quadruple the tariff on Chinese EVs to 100%.
This should occur next week. I didn’t provide a link as it will mention the president by name. You should easily find a link.


Me too. One of must daily check outs. He is independent, on the spot, knowledgable, to the point, and usually concise.

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