France plans major boost in renewables…

Nice gesture. Now if all nations could get on board. (And will the money actually flow?)

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SAINT-NAZAIRE, France (AP) — French President Emmanuel Macron on Thursday called for a “massive acceleration” of renewable energy development in his country, including offshore wind farms and solar power, via a new plan that seeks to bring lagging France closer to the energy policies of its European neighbors.

The move comes amid a major energy crisis in Europe aggravated by Russia’s war in Ukraine. Macron wants France to gain more independence in terms of electricity production.

He then detailed a range of measures to accelerate renewable energy projects. A bill will be presented next week at a Cabinet meeting.

“We need a massive acceleration,” Macron said. “I want us to go at least twice as fast for renewable energy projects. … “our neighbors often managed to do more, better and, above all, faster.”…


France is also going ahead with new nuclear plants. The EPR-2 is supposed to be easier to construct than the original EPR, but with the same power output.