French Supermarket chain fights greedflation

{{ One of the world’s biggest supermarket chains said it would drop several

PepsiCo PEP -0.86%decrease; red down pointing triangle

products to protest what it called unacceptable price increases, a rare public standoff between a grocer and food maker after more than two years of rising prices.

Carrefour CA 0.93%increase; green up pointing triangle

, which operates thousands of stores across more than 30 countries, said it would stop selling Pepsi, Doritos and other products in France, Italy, Spain and Belgium. A spokesman for the French company said Thursday that it had decided to add notes to store shelves to explain the changes to customers. }}

I stopped eating potato chips after the invasion of Ukraine. Lays said the reason prices doubled was because of sunflower oil from Ukraine. How much sunflower oil is there in a potato chip?


Yeah, but those Europeans are all Commies. They don’t understand that it is the moral duty of “JCs” to take customers for every nickle they can, and it is the duty of we Proles to pay up to make the “JCs” richer.

Steve Coke and P&G shareholder