FSLY Updates Shareholder Letter

Because no one has commented on FSLY for a while…


Fastly has updated its shareholder letter. Management originally noted $8M in deferred revenue expected from Signal Sciences but didn’t back out some acquisition costs. “These adjustments could materially reduce the amount of Signal Sciences’ deferred revenue that will be recognized in the fourth quarter.”

Fortunately, management didn’t have to formally lower the guide as well, but my guess is they just ate into whatever beat cushion they had built into the quarter. Another sloppy mistake.


I’m going to do something I rarely do. Frankly we’ve had far too many posts lately on the board – I’m still catching up! This may sound weird, but I encourage you to refrain from posting your thoughts about this update from Fastly. Please do not respond with speculations about what this means for Fastly. Stocknovice mentioned that this may cut into their cushion on guidance. It’s possible they could have gotten the numbers right and only the blurb wrong. These are guesses – we’re speculating! But please, let’s leave it here.

Also in general, let’s try to keep the speculations to ourselves.

Now of course, if you have actual information to add or a correction, please post. But the speculation and noise have been outweighing the valuable content here lately, and we really need to work on that or we jeopardize this amazing board. If a thread has been going for a long time already and you’re tempted to add your thoughts, please don’t. I know this sounds harsh, but we can all opine on what we speculate might be the case…yet there are hundreds and maybe thousands of us. If we don’t rein it in, we’re going to swamp the board. Thanks for understanding.

And remember that sometimes the best response to an off topic post is simple to ignore it.

Assistant Board Manager