FUBO reports on Q2, raises guidance

FUBO reported on their Q2 2021 on August 10th AH.

Here are the highlights:
* Total revenue grew 196% YoY to $130.9 million
* Advertising revenue grew 281% YoY to $16.5 million
* Subscription revenue increased 189% YoY to $114.4million
* Subscribers grew 138% YoY and 15% Q/Q to 681,721
* Monthly ARPU increased 30% YoY to $71.43
* Monthly Advertising ARPU increased 62% YoY to $8.70
* Adjusted Contribution Margin was positive 8.3%, up 316 bps YoY from 5.1%

* Increased full 2021 revenue guidance to $560-570 million, 116% increase at the mid-point yoy
* Increased guidance on year-end subscribers to 910,000-920,000 , representing 67% increase at the mid-point compared to year-end 2020.

Guidance does not include any projected revenues from online sports wagering.

Link to shareholder letter:

Long FUBO, will look to add.

  • Luis

Fantastic quarter.

Here is a demo of their Sportsbook, due to be released in Q4.



Phenomenal growth and they haven’t even tapped into streaming sports gambling yet, which is the only reason why we are in the stock. Really looking forward to watching this story unfold over the next year or two.