Fubo User numbers

I know there are a small group of us in Fubo but thought this was some positive news worth sharing. I saw this tweet showing absolutely explosive user growth via Apptopia which is a reliable source. Bodes well for Q3 earnings. Obviously the football season is driving it but that is serious quarter on quarter on growth.



Thanks for sharing this–

I had heard it was out there. It would be nice to have a little more context with these numbers-- Does this include the new FuboSportsbook app as well-- Assuming the vast majority of subscribers also download Sportsbook, that is around a million downloads from active subscribers(I hope)-- The The Fubosportsbook app is actually very user-friendly and intuitive as I have been playing around with it and am a long-time user of DraftKings-- This is probably second only to Draftkings as far as interface in my opinion.

I’ve been following FUBO and have been working on organizing some analytics in a spreadsheet. I believe the major concern is the gross margin of 8% right now-- it has been improving every quarter. The current 8% is up from -1.3% in the previous quarter. The growth is pretty substantial, almost 200% revenue and subscriber growth YoY and almost 300% advertising revenue growth YoY.

Some of the metrics we look for in growth and accelerating growth I think, but some other concerns with margin and other movers in the space. The best case here seems to be built around high-value advertising space as FUBO’s viewership hours are very high (due in part to the length of sporting events and the target audience)

I’ll link the spreadsheet if anyone else is interested.