Full College Scholarship Not Enough

Some startling testimony from a noted criminal trial currently underway.

When asked how she got into her current occupation, the prosecution’s star witness testified that though she grew up in a poor and dysfunctional Louisiana family, she did well enough in high school to earn a full scholarship to study Veterinary Medicine at Texas A&M. But she still couldn’t go because the scholarship didn’t include living costs, books, etc., so she decided to delay attendance for a year to work and save up enough money to cover those extra costs.

After cycling through several minimum wage jobs, she stumbled across the fantastic amount of money a bright and beautiful girl can make “working the pole” at the local Gentlemen’s Club. After that, Veterinary School didn’t make a lot of economic sense.

Sounds like an American success story to me – at least she wasn’t selling high-fee annuities to the elderly.



Of course, in one sense, she was.


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Just guessing she opted for TX A&M instead of a Louisiana school to get away from her family. Otherwise, probably would have had enough instate scholarships for a complete free ride.

As far as stripping paying more than being a vet, could see that, especially after taking into account any debt accumulated. Once worked with a nurse that was seriously contemplating going back to work as a waitress at the casinos. Better hours and made more in tips than what her hourly hospital wage paid.