Genuine plastic recycling has begun. Polyester is now fully recyclable

For example, plastic bottles can be chemically broken down and the material reused to make new bottles.


Better living through chemistry.

I hope this one becomes an industrial reality. The costs will have to be addressed for it to become widespread.

But the familiarity of its product is also a challenge - since these indistinguishable chemicals will cost about 60% more than those derived from petrochemicals.

“With time Carbios will get access to more and more feedstock,” says Emmanuel Ladent, Carbios chief executive.

“So the cost of raw materials will go down, because we have access to feedstocks which today are incinerated or go to landfill.”

He adds that any future carbon tax will also benefit them.

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Eastman Chemical is building three plants that can recycle even dyed PET. The one in Kingsport, TN is due to start soon.

Chemical recycling recovers much more of the value and may recover enough value to pay for collection and transportation.

PET plastic is easiest to recycle but to clean, chop and reuse physically must be uncontaminated and cannot be used for food packaging. These limit reduce value in the market.