German nukes back on the table?

Gas crisis spurs Germany to mull extending life of nuclear plants…
Germany may extend the life of its three remaining nuclear power plants, the economy ministry said on Monday, as public support rises in the face of a possible cut-off of Russian gas…

A first assessment by the environment and economy ministries in March did not recommend extending the plants’ lifetime, citing legal, licensing and insurance challenges, the need for extensive and possibly costly safety checks, and a lack of fuel rods to keep the plants running.

But falling Russian gas supplies to Germany through the Nord Stream 1 pipeline have emboldened pro-nuclear voices in Germany and Europe ahead of a feared electricity crunch this winter.



I think the new concerns about Russian natural gas will cause Germany to re-evaluate every aspect of its green energy plan.

Nuclear energy is fine in France but very unpopular in Germany. Home of the ban the bomb crowd. And where The Greens are gaining power.

When push comes to shove, will they decide that nuclear power is preferable to power shortages and shutting down parts of the economy. Or are there better choices?

We shall see. German voters will have to decide.


Japan PM Kishida: asked industry minister to have up to 9 nuclear reactors operational this winter…

If earthquake prone Japan reckons it needs nuclear power, you’d have thought is was a no brainer in earth-stable Germany which just lost its natural gas supply …

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