Germany Facing Reality?

Well, not all of them as the politicians still oppose nuclear, LNG is a very expensive alternative to Russian Gas and the renewables have been slower in coming than the optimists hoped for… really who knew? Well just about everyone except the politicians and the Green gang?

With all due respect to the non-skeptics I foresee the Lignite mines being worked and their associated power plants continuing to spew stuff for many years to come. Imports of Hard coal will also continue to rise.


Can Germany function without Vladimir Putin’s gas?

Analysis: Nord Stream 2 was meant to deliver 70% of country’s gas and switch to renewable energy has been slow

Habeck admitted “we face turbulent days ahead”,

**FRANKFURT, Jan 14 (Reuters) - Germany's hard coal imports in 2022 could rise 7.7% on the year to 42 million tonnes due to economic recovery, high prices of rivalling gas and the need to compensate for the closure of nuclear power plants, industry association VDKi said on Friday.Jan 14, 2022**