Germany Agonises over Merkel

Really, it never occurred to them that Nord Stream was handed the keys to the German treasury to Putin?

Stupid priorities like shutting down perfectly serviceable nuclear power plants that could have helped resist Putin’s demands …, it is not just Nat Gas, Germany has also been importing huge quantities of hard coal to keep the lights on (their hard coal has been tapped out for years. Burning treasured forests for desperately needed power to keep the economy running. Building offshore wind farms that lacked the power lines to get to where they are needed … the list goes on and on …!

One would almost think Angela was still working for the East where she began her rise?

She certainly picked her time well to choose to retire while leaving a huge pile of Poop for her successors in the Reichstag.


Germany agonises over Merkel’s legacy: did she hand too much power to Putin?

The war in Ukraine has prompted criticism of former chancellor’s decisions on Nord Stream pipeline and Russia

After the war in Ukraine led German chancellor Olaf Scholz to pivot dramatically last week on his country’s postwar creeds of faith, attention is shifting to his predecessors, who took Germany down a strategic path towards Russia that became a dead end.

The conflict in the east has caused a seismic shift in Germany, where Scholz has made a U-turn on a restrictive stance on weapons exports, announced huge increases in military spending and vowed to wean the country off Russian gas.

When Merkel ended her 16-year tenure in December, political obituaries singled out her dealings with Putin for praise: her support for economic sanctions over the occupation of Crimea, as well as the rescue effort she initiated to have the poisoned dissident Alexei Navalny treated at a Berlin hospital, spoke of anything but naivety in her interactions with the Kremlin.


Most of the fingers are pointing at Merkel’s predecessor.

The Former Chancellor Who Became Putin’s Man in Germany

Gerhard Schröder, who is paid almost $1 million a year by Russian-controlled energy companies, has become a pariah. But he is also a symbol of Germany’s Russia policy.

Mr. Putin was pressing Mr. Schröder to accept an offer to lead the shareholder committee of Nord Stream, the Russian-controlled company in charge of building the first undersea gas pipeline directly connecting Russia and Germany.

“Are you afraid to work for us?” Mr. Putin had joked. Mr. Schröder might well have been, given the appearance of possible impropriety — the pipeline he was now being asked to head had been agreed to in the final weeks of his chancellorship, with his strong support.…

Just like in Shinyland. Want government doors to open for you? Put former high government officials in cush jobs.