GH news - examples of the thesis

Here is my original write up on GH, if you aren’t familiar with the company start there.…

part of the thesis is that companies are using their omni product to develop their therapies and that would gives GH a leg up on the clinical side. This is a great synergy. Now astrazeneca has said they are going to be using guardant for diagnostic tests for their drug portfolio.…

An update on cancer recurrence monitoring.…

“research-use only version of a liquid biopsy assay for cancer recurrence monitoring later this month”

“Unlike its Guardant360 assay, which is pan cancer, the assays being developed under the Lunar program will focus on lung, colorectal, breast, and ovarian cancer. Eltoukhy noted that the team has been combining genomic profiling with epigenomic profiling to “improve sensitivity” and has made use of algorithms and machine learning technology to “filter out biological noise,” but he did not elaborate further on the assay.”

Lots of good stuff. The beauty of the research/biopharm stuff is Guardant gets paid despite not having FDA approval.

GH is insanely expensive though, the FDA approval needs to happen to even begin to justify its price.