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I just want to take a couple minutes out of my Saturday to talk about the value of this board. Between most of the prominent minds on this board, we can usually look at a company and tell whether or not it is likely to be an exceptional investment. We sometimes miss (TLND, HDP, PVTL, NTNX, etc), but we’ve zeroed in on some massive hits (SHOP, PAYC, SQ, TWLO, TTD, OKTA, AYX, MDB, ZS, SMAR, etc) with a very impressive rate of hit to miss.

This is utterly huge. You will not stumble across things like this much in your lifetime. And not only that, it’s free!

I’ve been deeply troubled by some posters who have recently made indignant posts, feeling that Saul and other board leaders (many of us whom Saul has deputized) were being unjust to the board. I will not name names, but these people seem to feel that Saul or others owe them something. Let me be very clear: you all are completely free to feel however you want, or do whatever you want, to think what we’re doing here is useful or not, to question Saul…you are free to see things however you want. But remember that Saul, and the rest of us, are also free to do as we wish. This board CAN go away. I emphatically do not want it to, but we all must realize that we are lucky to have it and that it exists purely due to the good will of those that make it great, and the Motley Fool.

Don’t misread me. The idea that it could go away is not a threat I’m making…it is my great fear!!! It’s a fear that has been exacerbated lately because of the volume and regularity of posts that are either not valuable, or not pertinent to the board’s purpose.

There have been some great posts already today by ethan and Jimbo and others. I’m simply asking that stay focused on that, and try to keep from bickering and abusing the privilege of this free board (say, by asking too much and not giving enough back). I ask that if you’re new, please feel free to read (especially the knowledge base and other links on the side panel) until you’re up to speed, so as not to clutter the board with questions already answered. If you’re a skeptic, know that you’ll probably be ignored unless you offer a real and well developed critique of a specific company. We all know the market goes up and the market goes down. Treat us like adults. If you’re a regular, please write some thoughtful, substantial posts, and try to give to the board as much as you get from it. One liner posts are rarely helpful.

Again, I’m not instructing, I’m begging. This is my honest plea: don’t kill this board. It’s too valuable.



Bear, your point is well taken and I think we as a community need to protect what we have here. However, I’d like to say that I have been equally troubled by people ganging up on posters who bring up a fair critique. I see them called short sellers or getting piled onto with things like, “why would they question Saul, etc etc.” I want to echo your plea that we all treat each other well and extend each other some grace, avoid a herd mentality, and avoid tribalism. We all have bad days and maybe post in haste. I know I’ve done it. Let us give each other the benefit of the doubt.



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