Glassdoor - relevant or not?

As part of my more in-depth look at various companies (and having a slow day!) I trawled Glassdoor for some insights.

I'm not sure I have insights, but for what its worth, here's my table. 
Does anyone look at Glassdoor? Thoughts on its value? 

To disclose my bias, I have experienced 'startup'/toxic tech culture, so a lot of the negative tech comments cut close to home.


	22-May-18	Trend		Comments	
HUBS	4.7		Up		Negative reviews mostly fairly old? Positive reviews are somewhat believable	
FB	4.5		Flat			
TTD	4.4		Down		Positive reviews seem a little 'HR'ish. Need to monitor this.	
GOOG	4.4		Flat			
MELI	4.4		Up			
ANET	4.3		Flat		Lots of complaints from Indian employees	
WIX	4.3		Volatile	Some warning signs.	
NVDA	4.3		Up			
NTNX	4.3		Slight down	Some warning signs.	
BIDU	4.3		Up		Chinese - not much detail	
SQ	4.2		Down		Some warning signs.	
ALRM	4.2		Flat		"[Wizard of Oz analogy]... then you realize this place is not what you thought it was and you want to get out…"	
MSFT	4.1		Up			
TLND	4.1		V - on the up		CEO comments on Glassdoor, circa 2015. Impressed me.	
SHOP	4.1		Down		Some warning signs.	
CLDR	4.1		Slight down	Trending downwards	
AAPL	4		Flat			
ATVI	4		Volatile			
PSTG	3.9		Recovering	Concerning comments	
HWKS	3.9		Recovering	Some warning signs.	
AMZN	3.8		Up			
NKTR	3.7		Up-ish		Top heavy management - how to verify?	
MU	3.6		Up		Concerning recent comments	
LGIH	3.6		Sharp down	Concerning recent comments	
FMI	3.5		Sharp down	Growth related warning signs	
ALGN	3.5		Recent sharp drop		Some bad, but mostly … ok	
CMG	3.4		Flat		Sounds like a fast-food job

Chinese - not much detail
This one’s funny.