Global Debt Trap

Couldn’t agree with Roubini more. I suspect the answer will be to misappropriate peoples’ cash, possibly when we have a CBDC:

“My concern is that we are in a debt trap,” Roubini, chairman and chief executive officer of Roubini Macro Associates, said in an exclusive interview on Bloomberg TV at the Greenwich Economic Forum in Connecticut. “When central banks are going to want to essentially phase out unconventional monetary policy, given the debt ratios, there is the risk of a crash in the bond market, in the credit market, in the stock market, in the economy and therefore they’ll be in that debt trap and unable to normalize policy rates.”

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Yea he was saying that in 2008 and stayed bearish through one of the greatest bull markets of his age. Well done Roubini.



He is notably mostly for finding the dark cloud in every silver lining rather than the other way ‘round.