Global Recession Cannot Be Avoided? China Is Way Behind the Curve on COVID, Thousands Dying Daily, and Many of Their "Leaders" Are Suspected Dead From Covid

This is a video for which I was taking notes mentally and which I was trying to type out last week some of the salient points and some of my thoughts. It’s still not complete, but I feel this video is important enough for all fools looking at positions - such as $TSLA $AAPL $META $TSMC $NVDA etc.

Globally, China is losing clout and orders for its products has dropped 50% of more and causing factories to close.

I don’t have the strength today to complete this post, but, these highlights and thoughts might get you to spend 20 minutes today to understand what is going on in China.

I think my the COVID scare could visit America again, but, I am hoping that our boosters will be able to fight off all variants of COVID, but then again, I’m not thinking as clearly as I was last week when I started this post on two Mondays ago:

We have very good video evidence of the COVID Tsunami (260 Million Chinese infected in 20 days) of hundreds of cars waiting to get into crematoriums in major cities where COVID has hit this winter.

:pushpin: You are going to see a line of 200 cars in one town, 100 more in another, and so on. In Changheun, you’ll see the Crematorium vehicles with attendant names and logos on the side.

:pushpin: People are angry, tired, and scared. And they are not taking guff from the CCP any longer, criticizing Xi and his bootlickers in the open, on video. Bejing is the one city where this was not to happen. It happened. In Bejing, since December 13th, all crematoriums have operated 24/7. One crematorium shows off 19 new incenerators. One incinerator can cremate a body in 30 minutes.

:pushpin: The City of Bejing (think of it as China’s Washington D.C. with its richest citizens and politicians) has 90 incinerators. The video does not make clear if this total icludes the 19 new incenerators. If one incinerator can cremate a human in 30 minutes and it is running 24/7, we are talking 48 x 90 = 4,320 bodies being cremated in just Bejing at this time. How many others are buried or decomposing in places authorities don’t have time to survey?

:pushpin: Now that Xi backed down from the White Paper protesters all over China in late November, and with his removal of diganostic testing and lockdowns because citizens of all ages have lost all respect for his authority, Xi will contend with hundreds of thousands of Chinese deaths in the next couple weeks. (I’ve seen one Chinese doctor, his face blocked, on a Weibo video which has circulated widely, saying China will most likely break one-million deaths this Winter.)

:pushpin: In another city, there is a very long line of funeral home vehicles waiting to get into a crematorium’s gates. The woman speaking in this portion of the video said she has been waiting 12-hours to drop off her body in her van. She hadn’t even entered the courtyard of the crematorium where there’s another long line of vehicles. (I would think she would at least turn off her car’s heater, but earlier in the video, a another female speaking with unbarred face is reminding us these bodies are in heated cars.)

:pushpin: You’re going to see another long line of vehicles waiting to drop off bodies which are then stacked in numerous shipping containers and on top of flatbed trailers.

:pushpin: Imagine arriving at a Bejing funeral home where you want some alone time with your family member or friend. Imagine a long, cramped room with 30 coffins and bodies inside. You’ll see this walk through. You will also see another dozen caskets right outside the doors of this funeral home aligned like used cars at Bejing Bob’s Used Car Sales. No dignity in death when a COVID Tsunami just pounds your nation and your best response is to burn the evidence before the hoi polloi catch on, and as I’ve explained, the Chinese are now WOKE my brothers and sisters. (The good kind of woke!)

:pushpin: Back when we had an active board for all things COVID on Motley Fool, I supplied video of the hospitals being built in a week to lockdown COVID-infected Chinese. Some of you may remember? Bars on the windows, locked doors from the outside? Well, Xi and the CCP, demolished that hospital already. (My guess is he did not want to remind Chinese of that bad flu bug from 2019. And now here we are today, watching an entire nation of 1.4 Billion slip into eye-opening chaos. And hospitals are overun, even in Bejing. (I’ve evidence from just hospitals in one video about 2-3 weeks old and it shows incredible scenes of corridors with bodies on stretchers - this was before all these new clips of crematoriums kicking arse 24/7.

:pushpin: Eventhough Xi and his sychophants have lifted restrictions, you’ll see cities looking like ghost towns, devoid of cars. If you own $TSLA $NIO $XPEG $BYDDF $F $GM etc., this could mean a big falloff in cars sold on the mainland in Q1 after good news for the China EV companies in December, and bad news for Tesla over there. More remarkable? With a dozen or more analysts downgrading Tesla Price Targets, and the longtime Twitter analysts of all things $TSLA getting their comeuppance, . all of them focus more on the evaporating production of Teslas in China. A Tsunami of Death, happening in a very short time, it’s not on anyone’s radar of the analysts I read. Being unaware of just how many deaths we will end up with in China, Wall Street has got to be waking up this week (and all these EV companies reporting numbers of production/deliveries) -Pay attention to the deliveries. Those can be verified on Twitter with government agency accounts showing you how many new EV cars were licensed to drive on China roads.

:pushpin: Regardless, I believe we will be seeing more downgrades for ALL car companies coming if this Tsunami hits America and wipes out thousands more idiots who never got vaccinated. I also believe ALL the EV manufacturers in Shanghai will extend their hiatuses started a week ago and just tell people at home to stay home. I believe we will face layoffs very soon in China in all sectors, and I believe we could revisit scenes of empty factories, empty malls, empty sthreets.

:pushpin: To be sure, Foxconn is gearing up to move iPhones again, because the Chinese know $AAPL is now sending more manufacturing overseas. Winning countries due to get more $AAPL business once infrastructure improves will be Turkey, Romania, Vietnam (big win), India. The emerging markets will be winners this coming year. China is no longer emerging and no longer has the cheapest labor. China is retracting, retrogressing, flailing at all kinds of people power problems.

:pushpin: Look at these empty city streets again on this video, look at all the videos on Destiny Solutions I provided showing violent and non-violent protests in 200 cities back in late November. If you own $AAPL, you know what happened at their campus - which has still not recovered fully from riots. I believe more riots will be taking place as other workers beg for work instead of walking off their dangerous jobs. Xi has a huge population willing to take him on and embarrass his minions.

:pushpin: How in the world can China and CCP leadership survive this moment unscathed? The focus of the strongmen is now on “home” and a major war against COVID and they are losing this war because they have completely lost trust of the majority of its people.

:pushpin: Deja Vu again? The CCP recently had the gall to say between Dec. 20 - Dec 27, only 7 Deaths took place in China! This, while any citizen with a cellphone camera and a means to get to a funeral home or crematorium can show the world how badly Xi is lying.

:pushpin: The World Health Organization has not receieved any COVID data from China since the CCP abandoned restrictions. Which means the USA, which knows more about COVID prevention than any nation has got to monitor China more closely today because we are flying blind again. I believe the tipping point will come two-weeks from now, but who knows the real story? If China won’t share real data with America, then our best people monitoring China in government had better think about warning American manufacturers over there.

:pushpin: I view about one China video a day, with China Insights being one of my Top 5 youtube locations for news from people I trust about China. Just because this isn’t the NYT, LA Times, Bloomberg, WaPo, etc., don’t be put off by what you might think is “unsourced” in these videos which citizens shot from cellphones, when they have been told not to. Hundreds of times this year, citizen journalists have beaten the mainstream press in America to stories inside Russia, China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Kosovo, Brazil, etc. I’ve seen some of these stories “verified” by extensive reporting later in our papers, sometimes, as a week passes before America catches up. (Were I follow only one of my five choices for China news, it would certainly be China Insights. They publish outstanding analysis of all things China and are constantly showing interviews from embedded Chinese journalists working for Bloomber, WSJ, Financial Times, The Economist and the Guardian.)


Outstanding summary, thanks for the effort (especially considering your current difficulties.)

I have a post on MeTAR which may be relevant. The executive summary is that the Chinese New Year is three weeks away, and that is traditionally the heaviest travel time in the country. (The travel is largely in enclosed metal tubes on rails.)

Now that the government has lifted restrictions I expect the pent-up demand to surge, especially considering the lockdowns of the last several years during which families were not allowed to congregate.

So. Millions upon millions of people traveling in rail cars from city to country and then country to city, without restriction - and incidentally, in areas in which the hospitals are already groaning from the weight.

I expect problems.


@PeregrineTrader I am concerned to read this. Not to invade your privacy, but are you unwell?

I missed that post of yours. Your one paragraph split the arrow which is already dead center.

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I am long on Turkey, India, Mexico, Vietnam, and Indonesia for 2023 through various monthly dividend paying ETFs.

Lying flat is where it’s at in China with Millennials. The respect for the CCP continues to vaporize (and so do the Communist leaders dying from COVID.

China’s population declined by 850,000 people in 2022, leading to a total population of 1.412 billion, down from 1.413 billion, the country’s National Bureau of Statistics reported on Tuesday. It’s the first time the country has recorded negative population growth since the Great Leap Forward in the early 1960s.

The country’s official data report 9.56 million births in 2022, a record low and a 10% drop from the year before.

Demographers have long expected China’s population to peak at some point in the coming decade, due to falling fertility rates, but China reached that point earlier than anticipated. India is expected to overtake China as the world’s most populous country this year, according to projections by the United Nations released last summer.

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