Gloom and Doom

Innovation will succeed
“Great resignation” will turn into “mass return to work”.
Labor shortages will ease
Inflation will dampen
Covid will recede
Fed will go to neutral
S&P will be higher in 6 months
No one will remember this post

The real question is if Brady will get his 8th and Nadal his 21st ? Unlikely but you never know.

Dollar cost average, Sleep well, Get rich slowly


the post is good with the following line it would have been great…

S&P will be higher in 6 months… and SP500 will beat Berky. :slight_smile:

DOW JONES INDUSTRIAL AVERAGE Dec. 31, 1964: 874.12 Dec. 31, 1981: 875.00

17 Years is my life expectancy on the new RMD/ Social Security tables. I hope for a better ride than those 17 years offered. Maybe that was before we discovered innovation.


Brady’s chances of getting # 8 went up significantly with SF beat Green Bay last night!