GM stops making battery for Chevy Spark EV

… leaving owners with an orphan vehicle when battery fails.

GM reportedly stops providing battery pack replacements for the Chevy Spark EV…

General Motors will reportedly no longer provide battery replacements for the all-electric version of the Chevy Spark, according to a report from EV-Resource (via InsideEVs). The Chevy Spark electric vehicle (EV) was first released in 2013, and GM continued to make new models until 2016.

A GM district executive confirmed to EV-Resource that the company is “no longer going to supply that [the Spark EV’s] battery.” GM’s inventory of Spark EV battery packs has reportedly run out as well, and the company doesn’t plan on making any more. The Verge reached out to GM with a request for comment but didn’t immediately hear back.



The parts makers will pick up the slack. Many of them are in China. It becomes a way for GM customers to get Li Batteries without GM becoming a middleman upping the costs.