Gold hitting new highs

Now over $2,100 an ounce.

Interesting chart showing gold up 421% over the last 20 years:

Looking good and given the way the economy is going I expect further rises soon.

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It actually does make sense.

Not because of the USD or central banks. Not at all.

Because it is a limited supply or amount on earth and of the 7 billion people on earth about half of us are getting wealthier.

It is in demand.

The central banks are not the main demand. The USD devaluing is not the issue.

Eth and BTC will well outperform gold for the next year. But then slide again in their cycle.

Social compliance comes up with everyone else’s reasoning.

I don’t understand the point in relation to gold prices (if there is one that is)

Supply and demand.

Nothing to do with the BS about central banks or the USD devaluing.

But according to Shadowstats it is actually only up 5%.


It is up over 400% and a crazy bullish chart. The supply will not keep up with demand. Odds on guess to my eyeballs.

Great, that will push the price even higher :slight_smile:

Fool’s gold will ALWAYS be available in large volumes.

For shoes, for example.


Shoes on clearance racks as we speak?

There was a mega-clearance of Ivanka jewelry/etc some years ago. $1 each.

The list of failures is never ending.

Very good friend of mine we had dinner tonight. He is a knowledgeable investor. Loves gold.

He is saying I am wrong. There is a huge supply in the ground. The problem for gold is as the price rises miners know which mines have gold in lower amounts that cost more to produce. The prices rise and gold will get mined.

As they say in oil, the solution to high prices is high prices.


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It’s now over $2,150 an ounce :slight_smile:

In reality, it’s just the US dollar falling in value.

Just waiting for silver to catch up.

It’s almost at $2,200 an ounce!

Anyone know what is going on? It seems that everyone is expecting an interest rate cut but I’m not too sure that this is causing the rise.

J P Morgan predicted gold at $2,300 in 2025 but at this rate it will get there this year.

Until it hits a price where the ming companies mine ore in lower concentrations it will go higher.

The solution to higher prices is higher prices.

A few weeks ago the price jumped following some big orders from The Far East and was quite understandable.

However, the price of gold futures on the Shanghai Gold Exchange have been trading far higher than Comax and the London Bullion Market and they promise gold delivery if required. Perhaps we are just playing catchup.