Golden Ocean Q2 2023

X-post on Value Hounds
Accidently post on the other board
Golden Ocean (GOGL) Q2 2023 results - Investment Analysis Clubs / Value Hounds - Motley Fool Community

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You should be able to edit the subject and change the Category to move it over here since you’re the topic owner.

But if not, let me know - I can move it for you.

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@CMFMints - Thanks for the response.
It might be possible when the post is on only one board. When I go to the Value Hounds board, when I click the pencil icon, it gives me both boards and I can’t seem to select just one board, and then click the X.

Ok…I moved it over for you. When I clicked the pencil next to the subject, I was able to search for Shipping News and select that. Odd that you were seeing two categories.