Goldman Sachs to cut HUNDREDS of jobs

Wall Street giant Goldman Sachs plans to cut HUNDREDS of low-performing workers as it reins in expenses and analysts expect the bank to post a more than 40 percent drop in earnings this year

Goldman Sachs Group will make cuts as early as this month

It comes after pausing the annual practice for two years during the pandemic

A one percent cut to staffing would imply a reduction of about 500 bankers

Goldman shares are down more than 10% this year and 15% from a year ago

Earlier this month, the firm removed the ‘grab and go’ coffee bar that had been stationed at the Goldman Sachs 200 West Street office lobby

In August, Goldman notified staff that all pandemic protocols would be gone after Labor Day, and employees would be expected in the office five days a week

Goldman CEO David has long made his stance against work from home known, cautioning as early as winter 2021 that work from home was an ‘aberration’…