Goldman Sachs - leading the way?

Goldman Sachs profits drops:

Cost cutting and redundancies:

Goldman’s credit card in subprime market losses:

Oh how the mighty have fallen. In 2008 Goldman made a killing on subprime; in 2022/23 Goldman is getting killed by subprime:

More pain to come:

It will be interesting to see how other investment banks are doing in 2023


Lloyd Blankfein isn’t running the show anymore. He said he was doing God’s work. With a miss that big, and down from last year, I sold on the bounce this morning.

Meanwhile, Jamie Dimon is still running the JPM criminal enterprise. How is that house of scams doing?


“leading the way?”

Apparently not. Morgan Stanley did quite well.


It only takes one, the others will follow like sheep!

Not following you. Care to elaborate?