Google cloud commentary

He’re a snitbit from Google’s q4 earnings call last night relating to cloud and therefore relevant for many companies discussed here. This commentary is quite consistent with much of what we have been hearing from our companies but it helps to reinforce how early we are in the digital transformation and how large are the opportunities that they have in front of them. More workflows to monitor and secure means more business for the likes of DDOG and CRWD.

Sundar Pichai

On Cloud, obviously, we see how early customers are in the shift. We see the large TAM ahead and, definitely, the market dynamics. And our momentum, in the context of the market, is what is the framework which we are thinking about, the scale of investments and the pace of investments. Obviously, it’s an area in which the longer you are in, the cohorts add up and so contributes more and the economies of scale starts working as well. But we are definitely investing ahead to making sure we are able to serve the customers globally across all the offerings they are interested in, and that’s how we are thinking about it. Ruth, I’m not sure you want to add more…


On a slightly different angle, YouTube ad revenues up 47% over Q4 2019. Amazing performance especially for a now $7B business. Google also showing that more people are watching YouTube videos on their TVs (this is actually what I do).

Wish it were its own standalone company, I think the sky is the limit here.…

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