Google is serious

Google recently signed up Apple, Disney, Home Depot and Macy’s onto its cloud platform.

Google is planning on 12 new datacenter buildouts this year and the next.

Google’s plan is to build the world’s fastest internal datacenter network, bar none. It is hyper-crazy-fast.

Google is introducing a concept of “NoOps” deployment - for seamless ease of network management, bandwidth routing and deployment.

Do you think Google is going to go for peanuts with a patchwork DCI offering from Inphi? I don’t think so.

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Google is an Infinera customer.



Forgot to mention - Coca Cola is also a customer, and Netflix – a longtime AWS customer – will be using its open source project Spinnaker, a tool for deploying software objects into any cloud environment - that will make cloud transitioning completely seamless.

Folks, it will boil down to who has the fastest and most reliable cloud network at the best price.

Software tools like Spinnaker will prevent cloud vendor lock-in - leaving the customer to deploy wherever they want.

If I were a cloud provider competing in this space, I’d want to build my network at the fastest available speeds and with the most flexibility and I’d be looking at long term savings that help me drive down my expense on power and space. I would be building my network to last.

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Found a little info-graphic on current market share for the top cloud platform providers. I found it interesting to note how much more TAM there is to go from where Google is today. Given Google’s penchant for science, research and engineering I think they will be a formidable competitor in this space. Even Apple is going with them for cloud services until they get their own datacenter technology off the ground.

Google is set to spend 10B in CapEx over the next year and a half.…



Who do Amazon, Microsoft, and IBM use?

Who do Amazon, Microsoft, and IBM use?

Amazon has its own

Denny Schlesinger

Watch Out, Intel: Google Is Cozying Up To Qualcomm In The Data Center…

and Qualcomm uses ARM Holdings cores

Very recently, it [ARM] scored a point over Intel (NASDAQ:INTC) when Google/Alphabet (NASDAQ:GOOG) (NASDAQ:GOOGL) announced that it is planning to support Qualcomm/ARM’s server technology over Intel. Intel controls 99% of the server chip market, while ARMH’s design only has 1% share. However, Google is one of the largest buyers of server microprocessors and for long has been wanting to cut down on Intel’s monopoly. This it can either do by buying Qualcomm’s (NASDAQ:QCOM) hardware or design its own. However, in both cases, it will need ARMH’s technology license. That will create a huge new market for ARM. Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) and Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN), two other internet/server giants, are planning to get in on ARM’s chip act.…

and Denny owns ARMH! :wink:

ARMH has been going sideways as the smartphone market saturated but it should take off again with servers and IoT. For now one can play the volatility.

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Sounds like data center infrastructure is reaching the kind of crescendo Cisco achieved in 2000 with the building of the internet 1.0……


I suspect big companies like Apple may want a backup of sorts for their own cloud. The safest backup would be through another vendor.

100% dependence on your own system may expose you to risks that you have not thought of if they are connected in any way.