Google phones

This is just a small part of their business, but I’m concerned.

My Pixel 3 is getting old. I’ll probably have to pay someone to replace the battery in the future. So I ordered a Pixel 6 on sale. It was bigger than I wanted, but I don’t appear to have a choice. They’re ALL bigger today. Anyway, after using the Pixel 6 I have several complaints. If this is their phones going forward, they’re going to get slaughtered by Samsung (or similar).

The phone gets waaaaay too hot. I read about that online, but had no idea how bad it was. It was uncomfortable to hold it on occasion. Especially if I had Android Auto running. Android Auto was unreliable on this phone. My Pixel 3? No issue. This Pixel 6 sometimes wouldn’t connect at all, other times using the handsfree phone the other person couldn’t hear me. Also, the signal seemed weaker on this phone. I had more occasions of static, and had at least 1 less bar than my 3 in the same location.

I’m returning it. Even on sale, it’s too expensive for such a mediocre performance. I don’t care if the camera is stellar (which it appears to be). It’s a phone. It needs to excel at that, and Android Auto.

Imagine if I put a case on that thing? Rubber case for shock protection would insulate the heck out of the phone, and make the heating issue worse.

Not happy.

The 7 is due out this fall. It has another generation of the same processor. I’m concerned that will have heating issues also. Besides being uncomfortable when hot, that affects the electronics and battery. They need to get this under control.

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