What's The Deal With Chrome?

Has anyone notice some really strange stuff going on in Chrome? They must have snuck in an update that has changed the way things use (used) to be. For example I use to open and leave open Wells Fargo, BarcClayCard, Fidelity, my Ham Log and Google. All the corresponding icons would be displayed on my Home Page and all I had to do was click on them if I wanted access. Now I have to call up each web site or application I plan to visit. This semi-sucks as it is a PITA. Old guys don’t like change.

What’s the deal? Am I going to have to live with this for the remainder of what time I have left.

It appears Chrome is trying to pull a Windows deal on us. Change the crap out of everything whether you want it or not.


ImAGolfer (retired 2003)


With Google products.

I have a Google Pixel 7 pro.
Google is changing lots of things, making them “more clicks” to accomplish a task.

My current stressor is the camera.
It defaults to store in cloud, filled the memory up, EVERYTIME I WANT TO JUST TAKE A PHOTO I have to click no, no, no …
There’s more, but I’ll stop whining here.

And, Google is using this to pressure me to buy more cloud memory.

I’m ready to switch back to Samsung.
But, I assume it’s similar.

Does not recommend the Pixel. It has other issues.
I habitually restart it every night at bedtime, cause it just randomly starts doing weird stuff. Sometimes I get to restart it in the middle of the day.

Yes. I supposedly turned the store in cloud bug off, but, now it’s doing some store on phone, in some app, or something. I’ve not spent time trying to “learn” it. So, I click no non no…

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I use Apple stuff – it just seems to work. For the last week I have been fighting a new Sony TV and a Polk Soundbar. Both high end products. I must have invested 10 hours mostly on hold. It would be so much easier if there were meaningful manuals instead of the diagram only Setup guides.