Graphene Al ion battery

Brisbane-based Graphene Manufacturing Group, Australian company, partner with Rio Tinto.

GMGMF - pink sheet (ADR?)…

I neither own it nor recommend it.
I’m just pointing at the tech, which MIGHT challenge Li batteries.
And the “Nat Gas to graphene powder” process.

The battery that charges 70 times faster than lithium-ion…

“This technology was only developed a year ago and we are already making batteries. There is no other company in the world doing what we’re doing,” Mr Nicol told The Australian Financial Review.


Through a top-secret production process, which breaks down natural gas into graphene powder, GMG is working on developing a pilot plant to start producing graphene-ion batteries by 2024.


Compared to lithium batteries, graphene aluminium batteries don’t need lithium, copper, cobalt, manganese or rare earth materials to be mined for their production. They are also rechargable and 100 per cent recyclable too.

GMG is building a PILOT plant… 2024 timeline. Ie, no commercial production in the next 5 to 7 years?

Conclusion: Li is a relatively “safe” battery tech for the next decade?
Dont sell your Li mine stock yet.

The “nat gas to graphene powder” sounds like the most valuable tech?


And graphene Al batteries are nontoxic if swallowed.