Growing Vitamin D in the summer garden

!Beware of Frankenfood!

Er, I mean: science moves another step to reducing the use of animal-based foods:

Two studies now show that with a little help from gene editing, Sun-ripened tomatoes can also stockpile a precursor molecule to vitamin D, a vital nutrient normally found mainly in animal products…

Today in Nature Plants, a team led by Cathie Martin, a plant metabolic engineer at the John Innes Centre, reported that knocking out a single gene created tomatoes which could each provide 20% of the recommended daily allowance of vitamin D in the United Kingdom…

…each ripe, sliced tomato, after exposure to sunlight, should offer as much previtamin D3 as two medium eggs.… (gated, subscription)

The authors go on to note that the proto-D compound is also found in the stem and leaves of the engineered plant, theoretically allowing their use as a precursor in the manufacture of Vitamin D supplements (now derived from animal products, or fungi, lichen or yeast)

Macro impact obvious, I think

in favor of as few intermediaries as possible between solar energy and us