GTR1 Helper Information

Copy of most recent version of GTR1 Helper info from Lohill, about a year ago:
Changes were made to GTR1(the addition of Log2TR) that required me to make changes in GTR1 Helper and its databases. Since the old version is now obsolete, I have compiled a new version with the necessary changes. Versions for the PC and the Mac are now in my Dropbox and can be accessed at the following links:

PC Version -…
Mac Version -…

I am not a licensed developer so you will most likely get messages when you try to use one. You just have to trust me.

When unzipped the program (.exe or .app) will be in the folder along with the two databases 5H4W_22 and 10H4W_22. When you first start the program and you are on the ‘Screens’ window, there is a blue link called ‘Change Database’. Make sure that is pointing to the location of one of the new databases. A few bugs have been corrected but not many other things are changed.

Larry (via FC)


Thanks to both Larry and FC. I have found GTR Helper to be very helpful for storing, running and saving results of GTR1 screens. One problem is that for some reason after several runs the GTRHelper will suddenly not run. I have to re install it again and it works great again. Haven’t beem able to track down the problem.
Shure hope Robbie keeps GTR1 running with an obvious decline in the Mechanical Investor community blogs.


In the way-back times there used to be a way to donate to the cause. It seems like at the very least the community could help to cover subscriptions. Is that still possible?


In the way-back times there used to be a way to donate to the cause.
Way back in 10/2007 after many years of effort rgearyiii posted that he had incurred $7648 of major expenses in bringing the VLWP (Value Line Weekly Reconstruction Project into existence which is only part of what became GTR1. Message MI-203060. Two years later it was reported that donations of a little over $6000 had been received. After much discussion and considerations of how to actually get money to Robbie the simi official MI treasurer of the time nyna (Majory) took care of collecting and sending the money to Robbie. I too think all of us that have benefited from GTR1 could give him a small token of our gratitude. Any idea of how to accomplish this?


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