Guardant Insider Sales last week

For what it’s worth, I received this alert from Seeking Alpha this morning. I didn’t check what percentage of their holdings this was as I am no longer in the stock, nor do I know if this was pre-programmed sales. Just letting you know if you are interested.


Notable Insider Sales Last Week

1. Guardant Health, Inc. (NASDAQ:GH): $67.4

Shares of this precision oncology company were sold by 3 insiders:

• Chairman, President and COO Amirali Talasaz sold 350,000 shares for $65.97, generating $23.09 million from the sale. 67,082 of these shares were sold as a result of exercising options immediately prior to the sale.These shares were sold indirectly through a trust.

• Chief Legal Officer Michael J. Wiley sold 90,000 shares for $69.79, generating $6.28 million from the sale.

• Chief Executive Officer Helmy Eltoukhy sold 90,000 shares for $65.28, generating $5.88 million from the sale.

P/S: 63.9
Price/Book: 11.97
EV/EBITDA: -61.08…



I had a random conversation with a guy that works at GH and he said a lot of people were wishing they could sell which the stock spiked up but couldn’t because of lock up.

I too sold the vast majority of my GH. Was a wild ride, bought at 37 on 11/21 and sold at 97 on 3/15. If only all investments worked out so well. I’d get back in if the value drops to something reasonable but at an EV/S of 100 at one point…that wasn’t reasonable.



GH Insider Activity (SEC Form 4)

                      3 Mo.      12 Mo.
**# of Shares Bought** 2,036,827  56,813,410
 **# of Shares Sold**  751,554     751,554
 **Net Activity** 1,285,273  56,061,856

Insider shares bought are often stock options vesting.
Insider shares sold are often done on an predetermined schedule.
Net buys can be a good indicator, but GH’s IPO was only 7 months ago.