HA with 2 SuperTrends

In the linked video, a Stop and Reverse (SAR) trading system --what Quill calls TetterTottering-- is explained that uses Heikin Ashi bars and 2 SuperTrend indicators.

The presenter says that the system could be used in all time frames, but he suggests not getting more granular than 1 hour bars. He also suggests using (14,2) for the faster SuperTrend and (21,1) for the slower. BarChart’s default is (7,3), which looks good to my eye. So I’d use that and drop the (21,1). But the final decision would depend on what markets you’re trying to trade and what time frames you’re trying to work within.

Once you click on one of these types of videos, YouTube’s algorithm will feed you dozens more, nearly every one of which I found to offer something worthwhile as they flesh out the nuances of using HA bars instead of candlesticks or other price formats. But at some point you have to say, “enough is enough” and switch from endless analysis to doing some actual trades.


Thanks for this very interesting video…doc