Happy Father's Day

To all the hard working Father’s on this board, I just wanted to say Happy Father’s Day. The board is quiet today which makes me feel like all of you are enjoying your day. You deserve it. The role the Father plays is often taken for granted as if he is just supposed to know how to do it. We all know nobody “knows” how to do it.

Here’s to all the Father’s out there who I know mean so much to their families!

Take care,


Thanks, A.J., for the kind words.

As a Father and a Grandfather, I can vouch for the fact that all the wealth in the world cannot match the joys of Fatherhood.

Blessings to the Dad’s this special day.


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What about us that don’t work hard?

Cheers Qazulight


Hey there !

What about us that don’t work hard?

We’re doomed …

Rich (haywool)

‘Mothers’ Day’ has merit. All children should acknowledge their mothers’ devotion, labor and sacrifice.

‘Fathers’ Day’ has no merit whatsoever and was dreamed up by the greetings card industry as a brilliant wheeze for additional income.

I await ‘Childrens’ Day’ and ‘Grandparents’ Day’ with confidence and am surprised they are so slow off the mark.

(After that we can have ‘Friends’ Day’ and ‘Pets’ Day’.)


(After that we can have ‘Friends’ Day’ and ‘Pets’ Day’.)

Will we ever be able to buy cards for - and celebrate Today?

Remember this:

Today is the Tomorrow we worried about Yesterday

Rich (haywool)

To all you men who work diligently to fulfill your vocations as Fathers and Grandfathers, thank you and I pray that you had a wonderful Fathers Day.

Kindest Regards,


grandparents day is September 11th this year and has been a holiday since 1978, whoop, whoop.