Healthcare: The Great Unlock

Interesting article from VC Andreessen Horowitz.


"Very rarely—perhaps even just once a generation—an extraordinary event or force comes along that completely transforms a stagnant industry. We are experiencing that moment right now in healthcare, in what is a mass acceleration of opportunities for company creation across the care delivery space.

Even pre-pandemic, we were beginning to see tectonic shifts bringing about major changes in care delivery. Those include:

The unbundling of the hospital, as care delivery services that traditionally have been centralized in monolithic facilities move to retail, community-based, and virtual settings

A move away from fee-for-service and towards value- or outcome-based care and payments

Products and services that put the consumer or patient directly at the center as a real distribution channel

The re-contouring of provider networks, as the boundaries of clinical capacity extend beyond traditional geographic lines

A push towards greater interoperability of data and transactional systems

And finally, automation across the board of rote tasks that historically have been done through manual labor.

We hypothesized that these strong tailwinds were going to change the landscape of healthcare entirely… but that, realistically, they might take on the order of 10 years to play out. Now, because of the forcing function of COVID and its incredible ripple effects across the system, it is more likely that they will play out in the next 2-3 years.

In short, we are seeing the fundamental topology of the healthcare industry changing before our eyes, and it will impact all the ways that data flows and operations are run." :…