Telehealth - McKinsey Article

Thought this McKinsey article on Telehealth was highly relevant to a lot of stocks discussed on this board such at Livongo, Zoom, Octa, Docusign, etc.…

I did a quick search and did not find this posted here before but if it has been then please delete or discontinue this thread.

Of relevance:

  • Consumer adoption of telehealth skyrocketed from 11% of US consumer to 46% now obviously driven by COVID.
  • Pre-COVID total annual revenues of US telehealth players was estimated at $3B, prediction that with increased adoption up to $250B of current US healthcare spend could potentially be virtualized.

So who will benefit (my own statements) - Livongo and other focused health apps, Zoom because we need a video platform for this, Docusign and Okta because users need to be identified and we need it secure, …

ClydeJ - long LVGO, ZM